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What are self-isolation and social distancing?

Coronavirus: What are social distancing and self-isolation?

Members of the public should stay at home to help stop the spread of coronavirus, the government says.

Restrictions put in place to combat the disease say people should go out as little as possible and only leave if they have a “reasonable excuse”. This includes:

  • Exercise – alone, or with members of your household
  • Shopping for basic necessities
  • Any medical need, or providing care for a vulnerable person
  • Travel to or from work, but only when you cannot work from home

What are the rules on exercise?

If you have to go outside you should stay more than 2m (6ft) apart from anyone other than members of your own household. This is what is known as social distancing.

  • Government guidance urges people to “stay local”, use open spaces near their home and avoid unnecessary travel
  • People should only exercise once a day, although in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland there is no legal ban on exercising more than that. In Wales, which sets its own health regulations, exercising more than once a day is now illegal – and potentially a criminal offence
  • You can exercise alone or with members of your own household
  • Gatherings of more than two in parks and public spaces have been banned (ruling out most team sports)
  • Dogs can be walked as part of a person’s daily exercise

Why is social distancing necessary?

Social distancing is important because coronavirus spreads when an infected person coughs small droplets – packed with the virus – into the air.

These can be breathed in, or can cause an infection if you touch a surface they have landed on, and then touch your face with unwashed hands.

Emotional and Mental Health Support

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