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School Meals at Learning Opportunities

All school meals at Learning Opportunities are prepared on site each day by our cook. We offer a range of choices and hope to promote good nutritional health through our seasonal menus. This supports Learning Opportunities culture of exercise and healthy eating.

Students choose their meals each week from our 2 week rolling menu. The wholesome balanced meals aim to ensure all students can enjoy a hot meal everyday and this is supported through our pleasant, relaxed dining atmosphere, when positive eating behaviours are promoted.

Breakfast is available between 8.45 and 9.00am each day. Cereal, fruit and refreshments are available to aid concentration and engagement during the morning lessons.

A snack is available during break at 10.15am, this includes cereal, fruit or toast with a range of spread. Squash and water are available to students throughout the day.

Lunch is served at 1.15pm. KS3 and KS4 eat separately. Students are supported to show good table manners and trying something new is encouraged. No student is forced to eat anything and it is not necessary for them to finish their meal.

Learning Opportunities works in partnership with parents to provide for alternative diets e.g Gluten-Free, and a meat free option is available everyday.

Students can also experience food grown at school in our poly tunnel and we are developing our use of this in our school meals.

At Learning Opportunities healthy eating is a key part of our ethos around empowerment and preparation for a healthy and happy future life. We believe that to be prepared for learning pupils need to be well-rested, well-fed and properly nourished and our school meal provision contributes to this.